June, 30th, 2017 (DW Akademie). Media and information literacy (MIL) requires lifelong learning and creative training. DW Akademie has just published "Media and information literacy - A practical guidebook for trainers. "

"Communication technology is developing rapidly throughout the world. ... This opens up vast opportunities for people to communicate, engage in global conversations, and make their voices heard—even in developing societies," says Ute Schaeffer, Head of Media Development at DW Akademie.

Ute Schaeffer writes these sentences in her introduction to a new book DW Akademie has just published: Media and information literacy - A practical guidebook for trainers.

DW Akademie's guidebook gives MIL trainers background information, supplies them with training ideas, methods and worksheets. The authors Sylvia Braesel and Thorsten Karg also provide sample training schedules to teach individual aspects of media and information literacy. 

All chapters and worksheets can be downloaded as pdf's here.
DW Akademie plans to expand the book and update it regularly.