Kiev, November, 2nd, 2016 (SIGNIS/INTERFILM). From October 22-30, 2016, the 46th Molodist International Film Festival Kiev took place in Ukraine. The Ecumenical Jury, appointed by SIGNIS and INTERFILM, awarded prizes in the competition for full-length films, short films and student films.

In the full-length film category, the Ecumenical Jury gave its prize to Keeper , directed by Guillaume Senez (Belgium, Switzerland, France 2016)

Keeper is a film about a girl and a boy, normal school things, music, football training and the possibility to proceed towards a professional level. When a pregnancy happens, it puts their life in a new position: what to do, what decisions have to be made, and by whom?

The film approaches the complex question of pregnancy for teenagers, but for once, from the boy´s perspective. “How to meet the demands to becoming a father and, at the same time, having his own voice heard?”

The ecumenical award for the best short film was given to Ascensão (Ascension), directed by Pedro Peralta (Portugal 2016).

In the misty dawn, a group of villagers tries to rescue the body of a young man who has drowned in a well. The body is laid down to his mother's lap. From that moment onward the mystery of awakening both the young man and the morning catch the viewer's attention.

Ascension is a very poetic film full of symbols and metaphors. It challenges the viewer to interpret both the mystery of death and life of human beings, nature, and to reflect Biblical references. Extremely detailed filming with colours, sounds and movements keeps the viewer gripped from the beginning to the very end.

Finally, the ecumenical Jury gave a prize in the student film category to Esel (Carry On), directed by Rafael Haider (Austria 2015)

An old married couple lives on an isolated farm with their animals. The old donkey is important for the husband. Losing it is harder than he could imagine.

With a humoristic touch, Carry On describes the importance of the presence of both human beings and animals and the simple connection with nature. Without too many words in the film the viewers, both old and young, can feel the deepest longing of love.

The Members of the jury were Ninfa Watt, President (Spain) Volodymyr Krachuk (Ukraine)and Juha Rajamäki (Finland)