Cottbus, November, 14th, 2016 (SIGNIS/INTERFILM). From November 8 -13, the 26th edition of the Festival of East European Cinema was held in Cottbus, Germany. The ecumenical Jury, appointed by SIGNIS and Interfilm gave its prize to Tiszta szívvel (Kills On Wheels), by Attila Till (Hungary, 2016).

The Jury asked itself if it was allowed, for an ecumenical jury, to give its prize to a hit man. But at the end, the film is more about the power of the human spirit, the will to life and the passion to never give up. Kills on Wheels draws comedy from the real hero of the movie; however it is not an escape but a coming to grips with reality. With great respect, the filmmakers take seriously the situation of handicapped people.

Synopsis: Having been left paralyzed from the waist down by a workplace accident, Rupaszov becomes a contract killer. Acting on behalf of the mafia he takes two physically handicapped young men, Zoli and Barba, under his wing in the process. A refreshing and imaginative blend of coming-of-age, killer and comedy genres.

The Jury members were: Stefan Förner, Germany (President), Gratis Lidums, Latvia, Charlotte Timmermans, Belgium and Rita Weinert, Germany