The Prix Italia 2023 took place in the Italian city of Bari from October 2nd to the 6th. The festival recognizes the best of television, radio broadcasting, and web productions, and this year it focused on sustainability. The topic “Engage Me” aimed at promoting everyone’s involvement in the fight against climate change and seeing it as both an individual and a collective responsibility. 

The heart of the competition is found in its International Juries, celebrated communication experts who consistently demonstrate their mastery and expertise. They operate within a stimulating and fulfilling environment where cultural identity and geographic diversity are openly embraced. Annually, the Juries recognize outstanding productions distinguished by their innovation and excellence in both language creativity and content.

The SIGNIS Jury, was an ecumenical jury for the first time, made up of five professionals from different countries: Mariachiara Martina (Italy), Magimai Pragasam (India), Lucia Cuocci (Italy), Jane Stranz (UK/Germany), and Adela Peeva (Bulgaria). Their diverse backgrounds ensured the awards represented the global broadcast scene.

The Jury decided to give their award to the documentary "Children of the Taliban" from Channel 4.  It is a “deeply touching documentary, which tells the incredible journey exploring children in Afghanistan forced to support their families when they are supposed to be in school. The film demands emotional involvement and deep reflection about the future of these children, not only in Afghanistan but throughout the world. Despite the hard scenario, the final dialogue of the two young protagonist girls is a hymn of joy and hope”, says the Jury. The film received an outstanding 5-star review by The Guardian.

Furthermore, the SIGNIS Jury gave a commendation to the documentary "You jump, I will catch you!" by MTVA Hungary, a touching story about the Hungarian National Centre for Circus Arts helping Ukraine during the war. “This is a solace amidst fear, loss of lives, and stress created by war. This documentary leads the viewers on a soul-searching journey, emphasizing peace, love, coexistence, and collaboration as the world belongs to all people”, affirms the Jury. 

Congratulations to all the winners!