Québec City, June, 21st 2017 (SIGNIS). On the occasion of its World Congress 2017, SIGNIS organized a video competition for new talents. The #iSeeHope Competition aims at showing Hope in the smallest places. We live in a world full of bad news, negativism and sad images. SIGNIS believes in the future, and in the power of media to create and show a better world.

The winner of the first edition of the competition is Fransiscus Borgia Edgar, 26, from Indonesia. He is a videographer and editor for the communications commission of an archdiocese in Indonesia. His video, “In your eyes”, talks about a young pregnant girl, who thinks about suicide when her boyfriend asks her to get an abortion.

“I choose to talk about this issue, because in my country, there are many abortions and many suicides amongst young pregnant girls”. The aim of the contest was to show hope, and for him “where there is hope, there is life”.

Edgar has been in contact with SIGNIS for 7 years, and has been following training sessions with SIGNIS Indonesia. He is now part of the CommLab project, and thinks that it is really important in order “to meet people and learn more about media production”.

In Indonesia, Edgar is also a media educator, and tries to show to younger people that it is possible to make videos without any money. “They always tell me they do not have equipment, but they have smartphones. They can make great short videos and post them on social media”, he said.

For the future, he wishes for Hope and peace, and believes that media have a key role to play in that.

The SIGNIS jury, composed by Pepe Marmol, Guido Convents and Catherine Wong, awarded him "For its vivid depiction of a young lady struggling with her conscience” and the fact that the video “awakens in us hope and faith in our ability to choose our destiny and be guided by our truest values."