Montevideo, Uruguay, July 27th, 2018 (DIVERCINE). The Brazilian film Médico de monstruos (Doctor of monsters) by Gustavo Teixeira, 2017 received the SIGNIS Award at the DIVERCINE film festival held from 23-27 July in the Uruguayan capital.

The SIGNIS Jury awarded  Médico de monstruos "For legitimizing the look of children before fears, and helping us to reflect on our reactions as adults against the logic of the children, which often do not fit into our adult parameters. For telling a story that arouses interest and suspense in the small spectators, who discover a protagonist who not only does not fear them but helps those monsters, vulnerable as he is. "

The SIGNIS Jury also gave special commendations to Pichintún, Camilo un niño ciego (Chile, 2018) by director Karen Garib, "because without low blows, and with narrative quality, it shows a story of overcoming and hope, confidence and joy, embodied in Camilo and his family "; and to Los sueños: ¿Qué queremos tener? (Dreams: What do we want to have? (Uruguay, 2017)) by Juan Carve "because through a simple and forceful story, the film invites us to reflect on what really counts: the Being, the enjoyment of what is given to us freely, of our dreams, beyond the race for the Having, a race in which life and our planet go away ... "

The Jury Signis in DIVERCINE 2018 was integrated by Elisa Vidal of Argentina and Clara Planelles and Vittorio Pilone of Uruguay