This special edition of SIGNIS Media presents the films awarded in 2019 by the international juries composed of SIGNIS members. These are Catholic juries (SIGNIS juries), ecumenical juries (with members of the INTERFILM organization), and interreligious juries (with representatives of other religions, invited by SIGNIS or INTERFILM, or at the suggestion of other institutions, such as the festival committee). This edition also contains the motivation of the jury for each of the prizes. This set of works comes as a way to provide hope at a time when a large number of festivals are being cancelled due to public measures to contain the spread of COVID-19. In solidarity with all festival organizers and directors around the world, and with the artists who submit their works to us, we invite our members and partners to look for and watch this abundance of films as a way of sharing the ray of hope emerging on the horizon of cinema.


Click here to download our SIGNIS Awards 2019 or read it online here.