The Congress will begin on June 19th 2017, and will end on June 22nd 2017 with the Assembly of Delegates. Participants are also invited to stay for the Catholic Media Conference (CMC), which will take place from June 20th to June 23rd, Wednesday the 21st being a shared day. The Congress will be a unique opportunity to network and share visions on media and communication within the Catholic Church and in secular media of the world.

Not only will the SIGNIS WORLD CONGRESS include workshops, conferences and presentations, but it will also be the place for companies, associations and institutions to showcase their products and services to a number of media and communication organisations. One of the ways to do so will be to become one of our exhibitors and personally meet participants from all over the world.


The SIGNIS EXHIBITION is meant to help companies, associations, Catholic institutions and congregations

• To showcase their services and products;
• To meet other professionals in media , print editors, general managers, web designers, bloggers and communications directors;
• To expand their network and increase the possibilities for media services and communication at the world level as well as business and partnership opportunities

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