BRUSSELS -- For the first time, SIGNIS (World Catholic Association for Communications) and the Holy See’s Dicastery for Communication are launching a global poster and video competition on the theme of the 52nd World Communications Day (WCD), May 13, 2018.

Participants are encouraged to submit a video or poster on the theme of the WCD message: “The truth will set you free: Fake News and Journalism for Peace.” There will be monetary prizes and global recognition for the winners.

“We encourage talent from all over the world to showcase their work through our worldwide network of Catholic media, to address this extremely important topic,” said Helen Osman, president of SIGNIS, in announcing the competition.

Nataša Govekar, director of the theological-pastoral department of the Vatican's Dicastery for Communication and its official liaison for SIGNIS, explained that the new initiative is an effort to encourage an international dialogue on “fake news.” “We hope this competition will encourage and motivate the faithful, especially the young people to creatively contribute to the theme of fake news and a journalism of peace,” she explained.

Contest entries must be completed and submitted by September 30, 2018. · Winning entries will be notified by December 2018. The posters and videos will be distributed worldwide by members of SIGNIS, which are present in nearly 90 nations around the world. 

Details for entry requirements and intellectual property rights are available at

Different formats of our Posters announcing the contest are available here.