Trinidad, September, 4th, 2018 (SIGNIS-ALC). With 15 delegates, the XI General Assembly of SIGNIS Caribbean begins this September 4th, in Trinidad.

The main purpose of the meeting - which will take place until September 6, at the St. John Vianney Seminary in Trinidad - will be to design the main strategic actions for the radio, audiovisual and social network departments of the subregion.

For its elaboration, the Communication Plan of the Episcopal Conference of the Antilles (AEC), as well as the mandates of SIGNIS Mundial, SIGNIS ALC and SIGNIS Caribbean, will be taken as a basis. In parallel to the planning meetings, the delegates will also receive training in the mentioned areas.

Also, during the three days, important issues of the current situation, such as the effects of climate change in the Caribbean region (September 4); and the situation of refugees and migrants (September 5), will be addressed by invited speakers.

The presentation of the annual administrative and financial reports of SIGNIS Caribbean as well as the election of vacant positions of the SIGNIS Caribe board, will be other important points that will be discussed during the assembly.


The meeting will be chaired by Lisa Bhajan, president in charge of SIGNIS Caribbean, who took office after the resignation of Lucille Nathu, in July 2018.

In a message to Lisa Bhajan, the president of SIGNIS-ALC, Carlos Ferraro, reiterated his support to SIGNIS Caribbean, hoping that "the spirit of community" will accompany the meeting and that "the objectives will be achieved". He then encouraged its members to join the initiatives carried out by the association: "I take this opportunity to motivate them to work on projects in favor of the environment, the Amazon, migrants, refugees, in this way, they will be closer to the objectives for which we work in the continent. In their localities, these problems also need be resolved”.

SIGNIS Caribe has around 300 members and associates in 14 Anglophone Caribbean islands, working in the radio, television and print areas. To learn more about their work, check their Facebook page.

The new board members for 2018-2022 are:

  • Secretary - Suzanne Dowdy (Trinidad), 
  • President - Lisa Bhajan (Trinidad),
  • Vice President - Faroz Abdoelrazak (Suriname)
  • Treasurer - Ruben Wong (Belize)
  • Members: Lauren Jamadar- Branker (Trinidad), Renee Smith (Trinidad), Nuala Menezes ( Grenada), Msgr William John Lewis (Dominica), Rhonda Maingot (Trinidad), Kathleen Maharaj (Trinidad/Barbados), Fr Robert Christo ( Trinidad), Victor Donawa (Trinidad), Rosemarie Cooper (St Lucia), Enrico DeShong (St Vincent & The Grenadines)