SIGNIS Argentina, the Association of Catholic Communicators in the country, held its Ordinary General Assembly on July 28th. The event took place at the premises of the Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA), with members participating both in person and virtually through Zoom.

During the assembly, various key reports were brought forward for consideration, including the Annual Report, General Balance Sheet, Inventory, Resources and Expenses Report, and the Oversight Body's corresponding report, all accounting for activities up until February 28, 2023.

Kicking off the assembly was Marita Sagardoyburu, a member of the Executive Committee, who began with an opening prayer centered around the theme of the 57th World Communications Day.

Following this, Isabel Gatti, former president of the association, led a discussion on Synodality and Communication, sparking an engaging exchange among the attendees. The occasion also provided an opportunity to welcome new members into the fold of SIGNIS Argentina.

Subsequently, a summary of SIGNIS Argentina's recent endeavors was presented, highlighting the organization's extensive work in the field of Educommunication through various initiatives. Additionally, their involvement in the realm of radio via RadioLío and consistent participation in local and international film festivals were noted.

The assembly also emphasized SIGNIS Argentina's engagement through different representatives in key events, such as the Advisory Council on Audiovisual Communication and Childhood (CONACAI) in Argentina, the 6th Latin American and Caribbean Communication Congress (COMLAC) in Panama, the SIGNIS World Congress in South Korea, and the Ecclesial Network of the Greater Chaco and Guarani Aquifer (REGCHAG).

Following interventions by various members, Carlos Ferraro, President of SIGNIS ALC (Latin American and Caribbean Association of Catholic Communication), expressed gratitude for the efforts of the Executive Committee and shared insights into ongoing activities and future projects of the organization.Ferraro also lauded the spirit of synodality within SIGNIS Argentina, in alignment with SIGNIS ALC and SIGNIS Worldwide. He acknowledged the support from the donor organization ADVENIAT, which continues to invest in the Cinema Mundo Chico project. Towards the conclusion of the assembly, a video message from Solange Didiego, a young member of SIGNIS Argentina, was shared. Didiego is coordinated a workshop at the World Youth Day event in Lisbon, Portugal.

Furthermore, Adrián Baccaro, President of the association, addressed the emerging challenges posed by the consumption of digital content among children and youth, as well as the growing role of Artificial Intelligence in everyday life.

Ultimately, as the assembly drew to a close, Baccaro enthusiastically proposed the establishment of a Latin American Media Observatory. He bid farewell to the gathering with a sense of accomplishment, congratulating all for their achievements, communication efforts, ongoing projects, and upcoming initiatives.