Young leaders from SIGNIS Talent+ in collaboration with the TMB Lab community conducted a training experience in communication, art, creativity, and spirituality on the outskirts of Coimbra, Portugal, days before the start of World Youth Day, Lisbon 2023.

At least 27 young people from Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Paraguay, Burundi, Portugal, Poland, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, the United States, and Hungary took part in this experience, which integrated reflections and workshops related to communication, creativity, dance, architecture, visual arts, and film.

Solange Didiego, Sandra Estrada Real, and Luis Enrique Delgado from SIGNIS Talent+ led this week-long experience, marked by creative exploration and fraternity. This experience was framed within a deepening of Magis, the gathering organized by the Society of Jesus that brings together young people from around the world.

The participants, ranging in age from 18 to 35 years old, mostly with connections to art and communication, also learned about SIGNIS and the opportunities for involvement in our global network of communicators. 

Among the fruits of this experience were the creation of storyboards, performances, and illustrations related to self-awareness and Ignatian spirituality, in an attempt to infuse artistic creativity with transcendent meaning. 

The entire process was guided by the renowned priest Michael Rossmann SJ.