SIGNIS Brazil recently held a triennial planning meeting to discuss the organization's future direction and priorities. The event was attended in São Paulo by representatives from various SIGNIS chapters throughout Brazil.

During the planning meeting, participants discussed various topics related to SIGNIS Brazil's future plans, including the organization's mission, vision, and values. They also discussed ways to strengthen the organization's membership and improve its communication strategies.

One of the key goals identified during the meeting was the need to increase the visibility of SIGNIS Brazil and its activities. Participants discussed various ways to achieve this, such as expanding the organization's social media presence, creating more engaging content, and increasing outreach efforts.

Another important topic discussed during the meeting was the need to develop partnerships with other organizations that share SIGNIS Brazil's mission and values. Participants identified potential partners in areas such as social justice, environmental sustainability, and media literacy.

The planning meeting also provided an opportunity for SIGNIS Brazil to reflect on its achievements over the past three years. Participants discussed various successes, including the organization's efforts to promote media literacy and its support for various social justice causes.

Overall, the triennial planning meeting was a productive and important event for SIGNIS Brazil. The organization's representatives were able to discuss their goals and priorities, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies to strengthen their organization's impact in the years to come.