Brussels, 25th April 2018. After meeting for a week in Brussels, the SIGNIS Board of Directors, elected representatives of the seven regions of the Association, have developed the priority areas of work for the period 2018-2021: funding, membership, development and marketing.

With the help of the American expert in strategy, Dominic Perri, the Board has put in place specific projects and plans for the Association in its quest to realize its mission and vision.

SIGNIS President Helen Osman said that the Board of Directors "has reflected on the core values of SIGNIS, the challenges we face and our aspirations for the future. "

During these days of reflection and planning, other decisions that have a significant impact on the future of SIGNIS have been taken, such as the appointment of the new General Manager of SIGNIS Services Rome (SSR), Maria Chiara De Lorenzo, who becomes the first lay woman to head SSR. De Lorenzo replaces Father Fabrizio Colombo, who has successfully managed the Rome office.

Another important decision was the selection of the next SIGNIS World Congress in 2021. The Board decided to accept SIGNIS-Korea's invitation for this event. It is important to mention that this is the first time that two candidates had proposed to host the Congress: SIGNIS-Brazil and SIGNIS Korea.

Finally, in agreement with the Secretariat for Communication of the Holy See, a global video and poster competition will be launched to promote the message of the World Communications Day 2018.

In addition, the Board spent a day in the university town of Louvain, for a reflection on the three pioneers of Catholic communication, at an event for the celebration of the 90th anniversary of OCIC-Unda-UCIP, associations that have merged in 2001 to create SIGNIS. The first international SIGNIS Award of Merit was also given to Cas Goossens, the first SIGNIS Treasurer and former Director of the Dutch programmes of the Belgian Radio and Television.

For the members of the board, coming from five continents, it was a week of intense work, the results of which will be reflected in the immediate future of SIGNIS.

The photos of the SIGNIS 2018 Board meeting can be found by clicking here: