Montreal, September 4 2006 (Signis) - The Ecumenical Jury at the 30th World Film Festival of Montreal awarded its Prize to the Japanese film NAGAI SANPO (A Long Walk) directed by Eiji Okuda.

"Showing the broken relationships of a retired widower alienated from his daughter, a lost teenage boy and a five-year-old child abused by her mother, director Okuda unveils transformational moments that fills the movie with grace. All three go on a journey where they might find redemption and hope."

The Ecumenical Jury in Montreal awards every year its Prize to a film which stands out not only by its artistic quality, but also by its contribution to human progress and the promotion of ethical, social and spiritual values. The Ecumenical Jury is co-organized by SIGNIS (Catholic association for communication) and Interfilm (Protestant film organisation).

The 2006 Jury members were Dave Pomeroy (USA), Andréanne Bournival (Canada), Alberto Ramos Ruiz (Cuba), Glenn Strand (USA), Derek Macleod (Canada) and Marc Aellen (Belgium).

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