Venice, September 9 2006 (Signis) - At the 63rd Venice Film Festival, the SIGNIS Jury gave its prize to "NUOVOMONDO" (Golden Doors), directed by Emanuel Crialese (Italy).

The Jury said that "Nuovomondo makes real the historic events of Italian emigration at the start of the 20th century and presents immigration as a metaphor for an inner journey from rural Southern Italy to the modern world of North America, both unknown and unanticipated. The film is able to challenge audience awareness of the global phenomenon of migration movements, a reminder to people in the West of the origins of their contemporary prosperity."

The Jury also awarded two commendations.

The first was to "DARATT", directed by Mahamat-Salen Haroun (Chad).

"In the aftermath of Chad's long civil war, a young man on a mission of vengeance, instead learns to forgive. The film emphasizes both the difficulty and necessity of reconciliation, and uses the baking - and breaking - of bread as a powerful symbol of life and sustenance."

The second was to "NUE PROPRIETE" (Private Property), directed by Joachim Lafosse (Belgium/France).

"Private Property creates a portrait of a family crisis, focusing on the universal dynamics of non-communication, lack of responsibility and the mere functionality of relationships, the consequences of growing individualism in Western society. This leads to a final tragedy. The film does not suggest a solution but provokes healthy shock that forces the audience to reflection on the issues."

The members of the Jury were Willi Verbestel (Belgium), Graciela Garzelli (Argentina), Thomas Kroll (Germany), Charles Carner (United States), Peter Malone (Australia),
Diego Giuliani (Italy), Massimilano Eleanori (Italy).