Venice, September 10, 2010 (SIGNIS) - At the 67th Venice Film Festival, the SIGNIS Jury awarded its Prize to the film Meek's Cutoff by Kelly Reichardt (USA).

"An anti-western that shows the journey of some American pioneers, with the hope for a better future growing from the encounter with the other."

The SIGNIS Jury gave a Commendation to Ovsyanki (Silent Souls) by Aleksei Fedorchenko (Russia).

"Because it shows in a poetic way how love can overcome death, and the role of traditions and ritual when facing the existential challenges of life."

The SIGNIS Jury in Venice was composed by Marina Sanna (President, Italy), Catherine Wong (Hong Kong), Inês Gil (Portugal), Stefanie Knauss (Austria/Italy), Ascencio Joel Sergio Casillas (Mexico), Valerio Sammarco (Italy) and Jos Horemans (Belgium).