Donostia/San Sebastian, September 29th, 2012 (SIGNIS).- The SIGNIS Jury at the 60th San Sebastian International Film Festival, has decided to award the SIGNIS Prize to the Argentinean film Dias de pesca, by Carlos Sorin.

Dias de pesca ”, describes the Jury “is the story of Carlo, an ex alcoholic who goes to Patagonia to find her daughter and try to recover their lost relationship hoping to reborn as a new man. Moments of true human communication and reconciliation are revealed through a subtle and eloquent storytelling creating the new opportunity of a better life in which broken bonds can be repaired.”

The members of the SIGNIS Jury were: Carlos Ferraro (Argentina), Edorta Kortadi (Spain), Catherine Wong (Hong Kong), Samuel Petit (France) and Marta Garcia Outon (Spain).

Trailer of the film Dias de pesca

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