San Sebastian, September 27, 2014 (SIGNIS). The SIGNIS Jury at the 62nd San Sebastian International Film Festival gave a prize and a commendation. The SIGNIS Prize went to the Danish film A Second Chance (En chance til), by Susanne Bier.

The Jury explained that A Second Chance “tells the story of a father [that], faced with an unexpected tragedy in his family, makes a desperate decision that changes forever his life and that of those around him”. The jury considered that the director “manages to create a story of great intensity about hope, with a surprising narrative language and amazing performances by the actors”, and went on to describe the film as “a powerful portrait of parental love, showing how it can find its way in the most unexpected places and how a tragedy can be an occasion for redemption; a parable about life, inviting us to look without prejudice, with hope, the way in which people exercise their freedom”.

The SIGNIS Jury also gave a Commendation to the film Loreak (Flowers), of the Basque directors Jon Garaño and Jose Mari Goenaga. Loreak is the first film in Basque language ever to be included in the official selection of the San Sebastian Film Festival.

“Flowers are never just flowers” -said the Jury in its citation-. “In this beautiful film, filled with poetry, they bring together the lives of three women wounded by loss. With a subtle, poetic language, rich with symbols, its images point delicately to a feminine universe in its way towards reconciliation and peace.”

The SIGNIS Jury at the 62nd San Sebastian Film Festival was formed by Gustavo Andújar (Cuba), president; Belén Ester Casas (Spain), secretary; and Susanna Mellone (Italy); Carlos Minondo (Spain) and Edgar Rubio (Mexico), members.

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Watch the trailer of Loreak in Basque with Spanish subtitles

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