Cyprus, December, 8th, 2017 (SAT-7). SAT-7 KIDS was the first 24-hours-a-day Christian satellite TV-channel broadcasting exclusively for Arabic-speaking children in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). On 10 December, the channel will celebrate its 10-year anniversary.

Since launching on 10 December 2007, SAT-7 KIDS is more popular than ever among children as well as adults. The channel has built up an incredible, regular viewership, with almost 80 percent of its viewers (4.6 million total) watching at least once every week – most on a daily basis. The channel is watched in every country in the region. The largest proportion live in Egypt with the next-largest audiences being in Syria, Morocco, and Yemen.

“It still amazes us that SAT-7 KIDS receive messages not only from children and their parents but also from other adults across the MENA. Many of these people grew up watching SAT-7 KIDS programs but did not stop as they got older. Others discovered the channel in their adulthood, finding peace and connection with God through its simple messages,” says Rita Elmounayer, Chief Channels Officer and Deputy CEO. Ms Elmounayer was a key figure in establishing the SAT-7 KIDS channel.

Children’s programming has been an important part of SAT-7’s broadcasts since its launch in 1996. It is crucial in a region where 30 percent of the total population is estimated to be aged 14 or under. When the dream of a 24-hours-a-day dedicated channel for children was realised, the breadth of the programs was able to grow enormously. Today its output ranges from drama and comedy through children’s prayer and worship, quiz and talent shows, cartoons, news reports, and programs that address children’s general questions about the world.

“God has blessed this channel with holistic programming, mature Christian presenters, and production teams focused on meeting the needs of young viewers,” says Rita Elmounayer.

On 10 December, SAT-7 KIDS will broadcast a special live program from its Lebanon studio. One of the highlights will be a 90-minute show inspired by an old tradition - the “Watch Box” entertainer who travelled around Arab villages for children to watch a magic-lantern show of beautiful images.

In SAT-7 KIDS’ 21st century version, a van with transparent sides becomes a mobile studio that visits a Palestinian refugee camp, a Syrian refugee settlement, and a children’s cancer centre. In each location, one or two inspirational youngsters, who have overcome obstacles of poverty, war, and ill-health, are invited inside as guests. Here they are surprised by seeing their story told in video clips from their past, messages from their families, and objects that have meaning to them.  

Launched in 1996, with its international headquarters in Cyprus, SAT-7 broadcasts Christian satellite television to an audience of at least 21 million people in the Middle East and North Africa. SAT-7 broadcasts in the Arabic, Farsi, and Turkish languages on five channels.