This issue of SIGNIS Media looks at the one global crisis that is everyone’s, whether they want it to be or not. The point of no return is upon us due to global warming. We face the end in a generation or two of the world as we know it.

Read that last sentence aloud. It is not page from a script of some futuristic movie or the rantings of a prophet of doom. It is unassailable fact, and all of us have to act. The magazine you hold in your hand is a step in that direction, printed on recycled paper. It is a modest effort, but if all printed matter was produced with such material, think of the difference it would make.

Please look around your home and workplace and think what you can do. Do tell us what you find. We want to share suggestions for action on climate change online and in our other outlets. Lastly, special thanks to our colleagues at our partner organization, the Pan-Amazon Church Network (REPAM), who were instrumental in developing this issue and its content.

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