Brussels, March 13, 2020 (SIGNIS ALC). #MissingVoices is the name of a campaign launched worldwide by ARTICLE 19 to demand more transparency and an effective appeal mechanism in case of content removal by social networks. 


The initiative is a response to concerns about the removal of content and even accounts from social networks (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) through the use of human moderators and algorithms, which are prone to errors and reproduce prejudices, silencing millions of people in different countries.


The #MissingVoices campaign focuses on protecting multiple voices, the right to receive information from different perspectives, artistic expression and groups that face systematic restrictions on their freedom of expression in the context of other discrimination.


With this initiative, ARTICLE 19 seeks to alert platforms and society to a simple fact: the algorithms and decision-makers of these companies are not immune from error. It is, therefore, necessary to have the means to know them and to prevent them.


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ARTICLE 19 is a British human rights organization with a focus on the defence and promotion of freedom of expression and freedom of information worldwide founded in 1987.