Brussels, May 15, 2020 (UNICEF). Myanmar’s coronavirus lockdown has served to spur youth on to boost young people’s health, rights and opportunities, all from the safety of their own homes. 


A new, online youth task force, organised through U-Report, UNICEF’s safe, free and anonymous mobile empowerment platform, is driving ideas and actions in the fight against COVID-19. 


Augmented reality quizzes, online comics, and a range of social media campaigns and home-based challenges are set to encourage safe, healthy behaviour around the virus and empower young people. Regular, upcoming U-Talks are set to share stories from innovators and influencers on a range of topics, including online learning, physical and mental health, online campaigning and life-saving information on COVID-19. 


“Instead of waiting for adults, young people should take the initiative,” said Me Me Myat Noe, a student at Yangon’s Technology University, who shared her story of creating a robot to spray disinfectant in hospitals on U-Talk. 


U-Reporter numbers in Myanmar, now at 37,000, are rapidly rising off the back of U-Talks and the social media campaigns around COVID-19. 


Since the coronavirus pandemic began, U-Report has evolved into a vital platform in the fight against the virus, sharing clear, scientific facts through SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber worldwide. As a result, U-Reporter numbers have surged to over 10.5 million globally, with new and existing users across 68 countries including refugees, migrants and other vulnerable groups. 


Young people can take simple actions to raise awareness, prevent misinformation and promote community spirit and support. By sending the word ‘Action’ to U-Report Global Facebook, WhatsApp or Viber channels they play an active part in fighting COVID-19.


U-Report partners with governments, non-governmental organizations, business, schools, universities and youth networks to aid children, young people and vulnerable communities.