Brussels, July 17, 2020 (Times of Israel / A Jew, a Christian, a Muslim and a Hindu have joined forces to produce, an app that aims to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus among prayer congregations by keeping track of who was present so that updates on virus cases among worshipers can be quickly passed on. is the brainchild of Shneor Crombie, Patrick Dobinson, Hussein Duvigneau and Ritesh Vatwani, who all work at the same startup based in London.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, they realised how important it is to reunite communities through religio and saw the need to help places of worship reopen safely and in a managed way. Therefore, they created the free app to help places of worship, from any religion across the world, to invite members back to pray safely.


Currently a website, but with Android and iOS versions coming soon, the service lets administrators manage prayer hours, dates, and the number of permitted worshipers for each event, according to local restriction orders. Users can also reserve their places for a prayer service. As soon as someone reports that they were diagnosed, administrators can quickly inform others who attended the same services as the infected person.


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