Brussels, April 27, 2020 (FIUC). The International Federation of Catholic Universities created a global database of Catholic Universities as well as a collaborative platform to facilitate Catholic Universities to establish a direct contact for collaborative projects that they wish to put in place.


The platform, called World Catholic Universities (WCU), aims to improve the visibility of Catholic universities and to facilitate the building of sustainable and solidary partnerships between "strong" and "fragile" institutions located in areas of social, political or religious conflict.


This project benefits not only Catholic higher education, mainly embodied by the universities, but also young students who wish to advance in life and find their place in a globalized world, and companies wishing to enhance their image and employer brand with the universities and their student communities.


It is now possible to access a large amount of up-to-date and reliable data and information on Catholic universities such as their number of students, their training offer, their activities and their news, but also to get in touch with them.


The platform is supported by the International Federation of Catholic Universities and the Laudato Si’ Endowment Fund for Academic and Social Projects.