Brussels, November 29th, 2017 (SIGNIS). Intending to strengthen its engagement with Catholic communicators and media professionals SIGNIS has reorganized the work of its departments (desks), incorporating one of the areas of greatest development and importance, digital communication.

This new department is integrated into the existing five covering the main fields of communication: film, journalism, media education, radio, and television.

The SIGNIS Executive Committee has restructured each desk’s leadership and established objectives for their terms, which began in 2017 and end in October 2020.

Joseph Anucha (Thailand) is the first president of the department of digital communication. Magali Van Reeth (France) is the new chair of the cinema desk, Helen Osman (United States) of journalism, Carlos Ferraro (Argentina) of media education, Paul Samasumo (Zambia) of radio and Frank Frost (United States) will continue directing the SIGNIS television department.

Each president is seeking team members from each SIGNIS region, with whom he will create an action plan to be presented to the Board of Directors at their meeting in April 2018, in Brussels.

Among other recommendations, each desk is asked to highlight the work of SIGNIS members, and organize or collaborate in an annual international event.